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RADEM is the management sector of CHA CHA Production Company, it’s incharge of sales and other managerial aspect of CHA CHA Production.






About Us

The Founder and CEO of CHA CHA Production  & RADEM Sarl Company is Mr. FUESOH ASAN he is a herbs expert who founded this companies in 2010. The love for natural product has been with him as he grew up since from  childhood, the gifts finally came to a realization when he discovered a  combination that treated him from typhoid and some skin deceases in 2007…

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Some of our natural ingredients

Why Choose Us

  •  CHA CHA Products is 100% natural products.
  • All our products are made in Cameroon.
  • All our products are generally cheap in a way that all individuals with any type of health problems can get one for themselves. 

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Our mission

CHA CHA’s mission is to work hard every day to better health condition of Cameroonians and also to educate them about the importance of naturally produce health product which is abundant in the country.


Our aim is to make Cameroonians see the use of natural herbs, we generally aim at increasing

  the use of natural products to fight against various deceases in Cameroon and also to encourage Cameroonians  to consume more of Cameroon made products, that’s why RADEM Sarl is selling at a very low price compare to other manufactured products

Our Team

Ngea Germaine

Responsable marketing


Ayissi Clémence

Graphic designer

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General accountant

Chef production

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What people say about us.

After using CHA CHA aloe vera soap, the rashes that were coming out of my body stop and now am totally clean. thank you CHA CHA Productions for introducing such a quality natural products to Cameroonians.

web designer
Working with RADEM Sarl has really educated me and improved my business skills.
Thank you RADEM Sarl for giving me such an opportunity.
Selling the best quality products makes my clients extremely happy and grateful

Ngea Germaine

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fever grass plans is a very healthy plan that we use to make many of our products

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